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I thought I would sit down today and give you some Summer Tips that you will never want to forget! If there is one word that describes Summer in the South I think it would be HOT! A lot of fun too, but definitely hot! I researched and came up with some of the best Summer Tips I could think of and I just can not wait to share with you!  Let's just get into this already! 


 Tip #1: Hat's are a must have : They keep your scalp from burning in the Sun. We have lots of Simply Southern Hats and recently just got in some adorable Southern Marsh Hats in our store! 

Tip #2: Choose patterns because they hide and camouflage sweat stains. Gross, I know, but hey, everybody sweats and thats the truth! So don't worry about it; no matter how hot you get you will still look fabulous.

Tip #3: Avoid flimsy fabrics and choose something with structure. Flimsy fabrics will cling to you and make you hotter where something with structure won't.  

Tip #4: Thin Layers are best.

Tip #5: Dresses definitely are the coolest thing you could wear. At Ty Alexander's we always have a great selection of dresses! 
Tip #6: White is the perfect color to choose to wear in the heat! It will keep you very cool and the sun won't be drawn to it.
 Tip #7: Layer with open - weave knits and choose natural fabrics. 
Tip #8: I know how it is when you are super hot and just want to take a cool shower, but I just recently learned that even though you are hot, try to take the warmest shower you can! Hot showers actually lower your body temp while cold showers raise it because your body is trying to make it warmer! 

Now, I know I'm no "Tips" genius but I thought these were really great! Don't forget to check our blogs, we post new ones almost everyday! Who knows, I may have some more tips to share! Hopefully these will help the fashionistas out there have the best summer yet and look great and styling, even in the heat! Make sure to shop with us online or in our store in Lawrenceburg to see what all we have! Click on any of the above pictures to be taken directly to their page on our website. Don't forget, FREE shipping on all orders $50 and up! 


June 28, 2016 — Lauren Gage

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