Fall Recruitment / Sorority Rush Attire

Fall Recruitment / Sorority Rush Attire

Calling all college freshmen! Hey girls! Are you rushing in the fall, or thinking about it? From my personal experience, the week of sorority recruitment can be a hectic one if you are not prepared. There are many rounds, each focusing on a different aspect of the chapter's values. 

Here are some outfits to help you through Rush Week, to keep you feeling your most confident, and to get you ahead of the crowd!

The usual schedule of Formal Fall Recruitment goes like this:

Night 1: Go Greek Round

This round is a littel more casual. I would suggest wearing a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt representing your University or a nice, casual top. Here are 2 shorts options that would be perfect! 


Night 2: Philanthropy Round

This round is more formal than the first, but you can still get away with a casual sundress or dress you would wear to church. These are good options:



Night 3: Sisterhood Round

This round focuses on what is really important to each chapter as seen through the love and support that is shown through their sisters. For this night, I would opt for a solid colored dress and heels.


Night 4: Preference Round

The biggest night! This is the day that you really narrow down what sororities that you believe are the best fit for you. It can be hard to prioritize your options. The sororities also have a hard time choosing which girls to keep who chose them - it's important to ensure you look very nice to show your utmost respect for the chapter's you attend.

Here are some nice options:

(I love this blue Fit and Flare dress. This is what I would pick!)



Final Day: Bid Day!

This is the big day! The day you discover what sisterhood you are in! Your University will supply you with a Panhellenic Bid Day T-shirt. You will wear that and any shorts you want! Most people go for cut-offs or cute fabric shorts. 


Well there you go! An entire Formal Fall Recruitment round-up! 

Remember, the most important thing is not what you wear - but how you stay true to yourself. Do that and you are sure to find your forever sisterhood. If dressing your best helps you make feel more confidently you, come by Ty Alexander's! All of these options are avaiable in store or online (just click the picture). 

Good luck!

June 09, 2016 — Sarai Messer