Mineral Washed Gems

Mineral Washed Gems

Mineral Washed pieces are some of my favorite. They provide a worn, rustic look that is right on trend this summer. Not to mention the absolute comfort the soft material gives! Stop by Ty Alexander's and let us help you find your favorite! Out of town? Shop so you don't miss out on these gems.
This Racerback Bodice Dress is a perfect example of edgy meeting sweet. The style of this Babydoll dress is one Ty Alexander's has seen before (and still has in stock). But, this dress brought something new to the table with the Mineral Wash fabric! Isn't is perfect?
Just when I thought Mineral Wash couldn't get any better, we got in this adorable Tank Top with a Traveller's Pocket! Can we talk about the pocket for a minute? The detail and colors absolutely tie this simple tank together. Wear with shorts or a skirt of any color to be the fashionista of this summer.
Isn't this dress too cute? The ruffles on the bottom add dimension and creativity to this otherwise plain dress. But you know what my favorite part is? You guessed it, the Mineral Wash! It adds for a perfect blue shade and we wouldn't want it any other way!
This Lace Over Top has been one people have reached for frequently here at Ty Alexander's, and you can see why! Not only does it have the highly adored Mineral Wash, but the intricate lace design at the top makes it hard not to pick up. Get yours before this piece is gone!
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