Beach Vacation Essentials

Beach Vacation Essentials

School is finally over, and you're ready to relieve the stress from finals and just relax.. right? Don't add more stress by trying to figure out what to pack; let us do it for you! I have picked out the hottest summer trends for you, so kick back and stay tuned!
Things can get pretty heated at the beach, and a light, bright sundress is exactly what you'll need. The fun colors in this halter neck dress will ensure the sun isn't the only thing shining.
As you know, pastels are a go-to for the beach. If you're going with your family, group pictures always seem to be a necessity. Liven things up with this striped top and make that picture glow. 
Off The Shoulder items are conveniently right on trend. They will be a perfect grab-and-go item you can throw on over your bathing suit or wear to dinner dressed up with jewelry as pictured.
We all know how perfect rompers are. They're effortless and stylish and you can't go wrong. But what makes this one perfect for the beach is the floral design and cold shoulders. Stay cool during the day and let your inner fashionista out in this romper
That's a wrap! Now you know just what to look for when you're planning your beach vacation. Come shop with us in store and let our stylists find the perfect outfit for you. Can't wait to see you!

Floral Is Trending

Ladies! Floral patterns of all varieties are in this spring and upcoming summer season. Here at Ty Alexander's, we have all of the latest, most sought after pieces. From maxi dresses to rompers, Ty's has it all.
1. Sleeveless Dresses 
Sleeveless Dresses are a transitional addition to your wardrobe for spring and summer. They are absolutely cool and comfortable for hot days under the sun. But it doesn't end there, when the sun goes down, grab a cardigan and look chic all through the evening.
2. Rompers
Dress it up or dress it down, easy either way. Pair with sandals or wedges to make the look your own. Rompers are synonymous with effortless. Easier to "romp" around in than a dress, and yet, just as delightful. You'll be the most fashionable and put together girl at the function, but little do they know, it was effortless. 
3. Maxi Dresses
Maxi dresses definitely pack the maximum punch. They're suitable for any and every event with only minimal accessorization.  From a casual walk through the park to a fancy dinner out with your special someone, maxi dresses have you covered.
4. Tops and Blouses
With these tops, you can create endless outfits and styles. Wear with distressed denim for a more easy going day, or with a skirt for a night out. The versatile and stable incorporation to your closet you need.
5. Sleeved Dresses
Spring is here, but some days that chilly wind gets the best of us all. With sleeved dresses, you can be prepared for any weather and look stylish doing it. All you have left to do now is grab your favorite shoes.
That's all for today folks! Come in and grab your favorite floral pieces to be right on trend this season.