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Hey guys, it's Nicole and Lauren! We're here to tell you just what you should splurge on this fall season to assure you have the perfect outfit for any occasion. From accessories to outfit staplers, you won't want to miss out on the scoop!

1.) Swing Dresses

Simplicity is key, and with it you can’t go wrong! A swing dress is a prime example! Make any day go your way by dressing it up or keeping it casual. To last you all season, add a scarf or your favorite jacket!

2.) Plain Tunics

Solid color tunic tops make for endless outfit combinations! Add a vest, cardigan, or choker to add a little extra, or they're perfect on their own!

3.) Camo

Blast from the past! Turn 2016 into a year that will go down in history. These are two of the HOTTEST item on the rack this season! You'll be starting a war wherever you go! 


                                                             4.) Plaid

    Plaid is back, back again. Plaid is back, Tell a friend! Coming back for the second year in a row, you can't go wrong with adding more plaid to your closet. Plaid button up's make putting a outfit together quick and easy. Whether is be adding it over a tee, or dressing it up with leggings and boots. You'll have endless styles to create!


                                                            5.) Chokers

The last thing you need the fall to really tie your outfit together is, you guessed it, chokers! These simple additions can make a drab outfit right on style this fall season!

That wraps it up! We hope you enjoyed learning what we think are the Top 5 Investments For Fall! Come shop with us in-store or online at!

November 11, 2016 — Lauren Gage

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