Senior Pictures: Dresses & Tops Edition

Calling all Seniors of the Class of 2017! We are SO excited for you to begin this journey into your senior year! High school goes by faster than you think, doesn't it? Your senior pictures are probably just around the corner, and your TA Staff remembers how stressful it was having to pick out those 5 outfits that everyone would see! 

Don't worry, we are here to help! Check out our selections below to see what we think would make you look your personal best, while still letting that inner beauty shine.


These dresses are all simply adorable. With their light colors and soft details, they'll be sure to make your senior pictures flattering. You don't want something that is too busy, and these four dresses have the perfect vibe to them. 


This top is one of out favorite basics for Senior Pictures! Pair it with distressed or colored jeans for a perfect look! Add a flower bouquet from your local Lawrenceburg Florist to add a beautiful prop to your photos!

These tops are my favorite picks for senior pictures! The best part about wearing any of these tops in your senior pictures is, again, the details. The adorable trims, tassels, and ruffles can make your outfit complete without making your pictures too busy.

 The best part about having any of these pieces in your Senior Pictures is that your pictures are guaranteed to be unique. We only sell 2 of each size in each piece, so it's highly unlikely any one else taking senior pictures will be sporting your look!

Click any of the above pictures to shop them directly on our online store (free shipping on orders $50+), or come see us! Tag us in your Instagram and Facebook pictures to show us how you wear your #TASenior pieces.


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