Summer Dreams

Every Girl has that Summer Wishlist that she dreams of having in her wardrobe! With Summer comes those hot summer days where you want to stay cool while still rocking your style and staying flawless! Here are just a few of the fabulous staple pieces at Ty Alexander's that are on the top of my Summer WishList! From Dresses,Tanks, T-Shirts, Shorts, to Hats and Jewelry we have it all! 

This Dress is a must have for a fashionista's summer wardrobe! The fabric is so soft you won't ever want to take it off! Not only is it extremely soft but it is light and cool too so it is great to throw on on those super hot days and still look effortlessly flawless! 

I don't know where to begin with this outfit! I definitely can not get enough of it! Whether you're spending your summer day outside enjoying the sun or you're having a night out on the town this top is perfect for both! You are probably wondering about the denim shorts.. YES! We have those in store and online and they are fabulous. They are the classic cuffed denim short every girl needs!


Jane Marie Jewelry is so great because it is all about personalizing it and making it your own! This classic Silver Pearl Necklace will look great with so much and the sea themed charms are all about summer and look great paired together on this necklace! This is a piece of jewelry that I could definitely find myself coming back for again and again! 

Now there is always days in the summer wear you are going swimming or having an adventurous day outside and you just need that perfect tee! These two are definitely a few of my favorites! 

T-Shirt Tanks are a necessity during the hot weather and I am definitely loving this one! With this top coming in 6 different colors you'll be sure to find one that matches your personality and style! Whether you are throwing it on over a bathing suit or just wearing it with some shorts for a casual look it will be great! 

This Southern Fried Cotton Tee is one of my favorites! This tee is a perfect representation of summer time! I know that i sure do love some ice-cream on hot days! The color and feel of the shirt will be making you choose this tee to wear all the time! 



These definitely aren't all of the pieces on my Summer Wishlist but it is all I could show you right now! Come shop with me at Ty Alexander's and make your Summer Wishlist a reality! Make sure to keep checking back for our new arrivals and blogs! 





May 24, 2016 — Taylor Toon

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