Ocean of Blues

Blue will be a trending color this summer for the 2016 wardrobe. Ocean blues reflect a relaxing palette and our connection to nature. The richness of the color blue makes it easy to create a variety of palettes that give your wardrobe a variety of looks. Create a wardrobe that reflects the seaside, with shades of blue, sandy neutrals and crisp whites.

Deep Blue - Printed Bohemian Tunic Top

Summer Loving - Striped Crochet Tank Top

I'm Faded - Fade Tint Dye Top

By Design - Sleeveless Dress with Lace Detail

Pacific Life - Tye Dye A-Line Silhouette Tunic

Blue will be a must have color this summer for every fashionista's wardrobe. Be sure to start your summer off right with some new tops and dresses from Ty Alexander's! A Girl's wardrobe says a lot about who she is! Everyday you can show a little bit about yourself just by the clothes you wear! These tops and dresses are perfect for so many different fashionistas and their styles! 

May 05, 2016 — Taylor Toon

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