New Summer Sale Items

Here at Ty Alexander's, we've been choosing the hottest trends for summer and putting them on sale! That's right... New sale items!! For a wide selection, stop by to shop in store. However, a few select dresses are online for your convenience! Here they are! Grab em before they're gone. 
The first up is the unique "Abstract" dress. It has ruffles to keep it chic, and it has a cold shoulder style to keep you on top of the latest fashions. The blue-green watercolor inspired pattern is just what you've been needing to spice up your wardrobe. 
The "It's A Southern Thing" dress is the same body style as the "Abstract" dress; the only difference is the color! The black and taupe tones in these dresses are perfect to style with a pair of your favorite cowgirl boots, or even wedges. 
These dresses are 50% off! Limited sizes available. 
See you soon! 
June 03, 2017 by Lauren Gage

Little Black Dress

Every girl needs a little black dress. With a little black dress, you can never go wrong. You will always be stylish and classy at whatever function you attend. Here at Ty Alexander's we've got every style of little black dress you could ever need. 
This sleeveless black dress features a keyhole neckline with ruffle detailing. You won't need much bling with this dress, which makes it simplistic and wise choice for anything.
This unique and edgy cold shoulder black dress features metal hardware and ruffle detailing. It is an ideal choice for a concert or night out. Style it with wedges if you're feeling fancy, or cowgirl boots for that country concert you've been waiting all year for. 
This halter black dress will be fun and easy to adjust and style your own taste. Add copious amounts of bling, or none at all. The choice is yours. As for the shoes, anything will do. 
Come in for and even wider selection! Thank you, see you soon!
May 27, 2017 by Lauren Gage

Romper Season Is Here!

Romper season has arrived and Ty Alexander's selection has you covered. The effortlessness of rompers makes them an essential summer piece. With a romper, you only have to select one item of clothing. But not only that, they are super cute and trendy. So really, you can't go wrong with a romper. 
Enjoy This - Floral Romper
Floral Rompers are great for all of you that have summer fever. You love the idea of warm weather, birds singing, and flowers blooming. The wild flower pattern will remind you to stay free and adventurous all summer. Some comfy and durable sandals will do just find completing this adventurous look. 
Roads - Light Grey Romper
You know those days when getting dressed sounds like too much trouble... but you still want to be cute. This loose and stretchy romper is just what you've been needing. Slip into this cool one piece with lace detail, add some comfy converse, and you've got a stylish outfit made. 
Vibrant Life - Neon Lace Romper
Concert outfit? Check. Night out outfit? Check. Wedding outfit? Check. This fancy lace romper has made dressing up a cinch. Add some wedges and some sparkle to dress up this look even more. 
Come stop in store or search rompers on our website for a wide selection!
Thank you, see you soon!
May 27, 2017 by Lauren Gage

Beach Vacation Essentials

School is finally over, and you're ready to relieve the stress from finals and just relax.. right? Don't add more stress by trying to figure out what to pack; let us do it for you! I have picked out the hottest summer trends for you, so kick back and stay tuned!
Things can get pretty heated at the beach, and a light, bright sundress is exactly what you'll need. The fun colors in this halter neck dress will ensure the sun isn't the only thing shining.
As you know, pastels are a go-to for the beach. If you're going with your family, group pictures always seem to be a necessity. Liven things up with this striped top and make that picture glow. 
Off The Shoulder items are conveniently right on trend. They will be a perfect grab-and-go item you can throw on over your bathing suit or wear to dinner dressed up with jewelry as pictured.
We all know how perfect rompers are. They're effortless and stylish and you can't go wrong. But what makes this one perfect for the beach is the floral design and cold shoulders. Stay cool during the day and let your inner fashionista out in this romper
That's a wrap! Now you know just what to look for when you're planning your beach vacation. Come shop with us in store and let our stylists find the perfect outfit for you. Can't wait to see you!

Must Have Summer Dresses

This summer you'll be needing trendy dresses to keep you cool all day long. Here Ty Alexander's we've got you covered with the most sought after styles in 2017. 
Off the shoulder dresses prevent those pesky tan lines while still keeping you modest and ready for any event.
Cold shoulder dresses are the hottest design on the market. The sleeve accents add a little something extra to a simple dress. 
High low maxi dresses really are an essential for summer months. The versatile look can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. 
Come shop with us for all your summer necessities! 
May 20, 2017 by Lauren Gage

Floral Is Trending

Ladies! Floral patterns of all varieties are in this spring and upcoming summer season. Here at Ty Alexander's, we have all of the latest, most sought after pieces. From maxi dresses to rompers, Ty's has it all.
1. Sleeveless Dresses
Sleeveless Dresses are a transitional addition to your wardrobe for spring and summer. They are absolutely cool and comfortable for hot days under the sun. But it doesn't end there, when the sun goes down, grab a cardigan and look chic all through the evening.
2. Rompers
Dress it up or dress it down, easy either way. Pair with sandals or wedges to make the look your own. Rompers are synonymous with effortless. Easier to "romp" around in than a dress, and yet, just as delightful. You'll be the most fashionable and put together girl at the function, but little do they know, it was effortless. 
3. Maxi Dresses
Maxi dresses definitely pack the maximum punch. They're suitable for any and every event with only minimal accessorization.  From a casual walk through the park to a fancy dinner out with your special someone, maxi dresses have you covered.
4. Tops and Blouses
With these tops, you can create endless outfits and styles. Wear with distressed denim for a more easy going day, or with a skirt for a night out. The versatile and stable incorporation to your closet you need.
5. Sleeved Dresses
Spring is here, but some days that chilly wind gets the best of us all. With sleeved dresses, you can be prepared for any weather and look stylish doing it. All you have left to do now is grab your favorite shoes.
That's all for today folks! Come in and grab your favorite floral pieces to be right on trend this season.

This Just In... NIKIBIKI Athleisure!

Extra, Extra! This just in... NIKIBIKI Athleisure! NIKIBIKI leggings have arrived and are in high demand this spring season. NIKIBIKI carries a signature collection of seamless products known for its super quality and fit. Recognized as the must-have signature basics for all body types, the NIKIBIKI SEAMLESS line offers an extensive line of tops, leggings, jeggings, bralettes, and athletic wear in a wide variety of colors and styles you won't find anywhere else. From modern asymmetrical mesh, distressed grunge, to edgy cutouts, these leggings are the trendiest, most comfortable addition to your wardrobe.



1. Vintage Modal Destroyed Jeggings


We all have a grungey side. But sometimes, it can be hard to know the tricks to styling grunge wear. Look no further, these vintage destroyed jeggings are ideal for the 90s girl in us all. Pair with sneakers, running shoes, boots, and even wedges to take this look in any direction you choose. 



2. Vintage Thin Side Mesh Detail Long Leggings

Shhh.. we won't tell anyone but we all know you hate wearing pants. Let's face it, they are a hassle, but these NIKIBIKI leggings make pants pleasant. The cool, light, and airy mesh makes them a quintessential choice for working out, shopping, and even lounging around the house. 



3. Vintage Side Out Cropped Leggings

It's true, you're the cool girl on the block. You only wear the most unique, edgiest outfits. That's how you snatched your cool girl title: you take risks. With these side out leggings, you'll never be caught looking drab. These leggings will keep you effortlessly stylish and trendy. Oh, and did we mention, they're the most comfortable pants you'll own. 



NIKIBIKI is our new go-to! We hope it is yours too! Come in and shop the selection at Ty Alexander's! See you soon.

March 25, 2017 by Lauren Gage

Nicole and Lauren's Top 5 Investments For Fall


Hey guys, it's Nicole and Lauren! We're here to tell you just what you should splurge on this fall season to assure you have the perfect outfit for any occasion. From accessories to outfit staplers, you won't want to miss out on the scoop!

1.) Swing Dresses

Simplicity is key, and with it you can’t go wrong! A swing dress is a prime example! Make any day go your way by dressing it up or keeping it casual. To last you all season, add a scarf or your favorite jacket!

2.) Plain Tunics

Solid color tunic tops make for endless outfit combinations! Add a vest, cardigan, or choker to add a little extra, or they're perfect on their own!

3.) Camo

Blast from the past! Turn 2016 into a year that will go down in history. These are two of the HOTTEST item on the rack this season! You'll be starting a war wherever you go! 


                                                             4.) Plaid

    Plaid is back, back again. Plaid is back, Tell a friend! Coming back for the second year in a row, you can't go wrong with adding more plaid to your closet. Plaid button up's make putting a outfit together quick and easy. Whether is be adding it over a tee, or dressing it up with leggings and boots. You'll have endless styles to create!


                                                            5.) Chokers

The last thing you need the fall to really tie your outfit together is, you guessed it, chokers! These simple additions can make a drab outfit right on style this fall season!

That wraps it up! We hope you enjoyed learning what we think are the Top 5 Investments For Fall! Come shop with us in-store or online at!

November 11, 2016 by Lauren Gage

Tips for Summer

I thought I would sit down today and give you some Summer Tips that you will never want to forget! If there is one word that describes Summer in the South I think it would be HOT! A lot of fun too, but definitely hot! I researched and came up with some of the best Summer Tips I could think of and I just can not wait to share with you!  Let's just get into this already! 


 Tip #1: Hat's are a must have : They keep your scalp from burning in the Sun. We have lots of Simply Southern Hats and recently just got in some adorable Southern Marsh Hats in our store! 

Tip #2: Choose patterns because they hide and camouflage sweat stains. Gross, I know, but hey, everybody sweats and thats the truth! So don't worry about it; no matter how hot you get you will still look fabulous.

Tip #3: Avoid flimsy fabrics and choose something with structure. Flimsy fabrics will cling to you and make you hotter where something with structure won't.  

Tip #4: Thin Layers are best.

Tip #5: Dresses definitely are the coolest thing you could wear. At Ty Alexander's we always have a great selection of dresses! 
Tip #6: White is the perfect color to choose to wear in the heat! It will keep you very cool and the sun won't be drawn to it.
 Tip #7: Layer with open - weave knits and choose natural fabrics. 
Tip #8: I know how it is when you are super hot and just want to take a cool shower, but I just recently learned that even though you are hot, try to take the warmest shower you can! Hot showers actually lower your body temp while cold showers raise it because your body is trying to make it warmer! 

Now, I know I'm no "Tips" genius but I thought these were really great! Don't forget to check our blogs, we post new ones almost everyday! Who knows, I may have some more tips to share! Hopefully these will help the fashionistas out there have the best summer yet and look great and styling, even in the heat! Make sure to shop with us online or in our store in Lawrenceburg to see what all we have! Click on any of the above pictures to be taken directly to their page on our website. Don't forget, FREE shipping on all orders $50 and up! 


June 28, 2016 by Lauren Gage

Beach Trip Wardrobe

Yayy! It's summer time and with summer comes adventures, the beach, and so much more! I know a lot of people enjoy taking a vacation to the beach but with a vacation comes the dreadful packing! I'm here to make that a lot easier on you!! I picked out the perfect beach wardrobe to pack! Shorts, Tanks, Dresses, Rompers... All Must Haves to look like the fashionista you are at the beach:)
Whether You want to wear it as a swimsuit coverup or wear out for a day of shopping or dinner this Simply Southern Dress is adorable! It is absolutely perfect for summer time! 
This Dress is great for the beach! Pair with some wedges or a sandals and you'll a beautiful outfit that took no time to put together! 
This Romper is to die for. The Paisley Print and Lace along the bottom gives it the perfect look! 
This Eyelit Ombre Tank is perfect! Whether you want to wear some white shorts or denim it will look too great!
This tank is precious paired with these denim shorts. I would pair it with some sandals to give a casual yet adorable feel! 
T-shirts are a necessity when going to the beach! This 'The Beach is Calling I must Go' Southern Couture is just right to throw on with some white shorts while you are kicking it at the beach!
This Tank is another great one to pack for the beach! You'll stay cool while in the heat and it looks great with white or denim shorts! 
These Denim Shorts are so comfortable and cute I can not get over them! They will be great paired with the tops you choose to rock while there! 
Here are the fabulous shorts you saw in the above pictures! They are definitely a necessity for the hot weather!
This is just a few of the perfect vacation outfits and pieces! Make sure to shop with us online or in our store in Lawrenceburg to see what all we have for your vacation needs!!Click on any of the above pictures to be taken directly to their page on our website. Don't forget, FREE shipping on all orders $50 and up! 
June 25, 2016 by Lauren Gage